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Claudia Diaz – Overall Physique Champion

Claudia Diaz cleaned house at Emerald Cup 2018. Along with her sword for Overall Physique Champion, she walked away with first in Women’s Physique A and first in Women’s Physique 35+. To top that off, she grabbed a very unique prize awarded for the first time.

Courtesy of promoter Michelle Krack, she won a weekend in Vancouver with hotel and entry fees covered to compete in the 2018 Vancouver Pro/Am & Expo event taking place in Vancouver, BC over the weekend of July 6 and July 7. This show gives Claudia the opportunity to compete for her pro card in women’s physique.

A pretty fair haul for a weekend’s work at Emerald Cup 2018.

Claudia Diaz, Emerald Cup 2018 Overall Physique Champ biceps flex

Claudia Diaz, Emerald Cup 2018 Overall Physique Champ

Biggest obstacle on the road to the Emerald Cup stage and how you conquered it?

I think my biggest obstacle not only on the road for Emerald Cup, but just in the sport, has been not being able to do family things such as going out to dinner for either birthdays, anniversaries or any other special occasions. There have been so many holidays, banquets and family gatherings in the past three years that I have stayed home either because I’m in deep prep mode or had to carry my own food an eat out of a plastic container as everyone else enjoys delicious meals.

Going on vacations have been put on hold because of my goal to become an IFBB Pro. I have to stay on track with meals and training that it scares me to go anywhere and think I might be limited or not in my daily routine. My family has had to also sacrifice a lot in order to support my passion for this sport.

As a mother of two young adults that are still at home and a wife, they would like to have more “fun family time” and I can be so limited, beside the point that I’m very strict on myself and until I obtain that “pro card” I won’t lose any focus. It’s very hard to have a “social life” and most people don’t and will never understand the sport. I’m blessed that my immediate family support me 100% and want to see me succeed.

Emerald Cup highlight moment?

Most definitely when I won the overall and received my sword. I would tell people back at home that I was going to Washington to pick up my overall sword, so it was very nice to see it happen.

Claudia Diaz Facts & Figures

Age: 38

Height: 5-1

Competition weight: 118 pounds

Off-season weight: 138 pounds

Number of years competing: Three years

Occupation: Business owner. I own a coffee shop in my town that has been in business for over 23 years.

Claudia onstage Emerald Cup 2018

Claudia on Instagram 

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Claudia Diaz showing off her winning form with some biceps flexing

Claudia Diaz showing off her winning form

The Emerald Cup

The 2018 Emerald Cup marked the 36th edition of this venerable show. Produced by the husband and wife team of Brad and Elaine Craig and the rest of the Craig Productions crew, the show features a full slate of muscle and fitness spread over Friday and Saturday.

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