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We had an opportunity to catch Jaida in action with pro wrestling league ECCW on February 7/15 in Vancouver, BC. You can find more photos from this match on our Facebook page

In our original interview, you said one of your goals was getting into the WWE. Shortly after, you did a tour with them. Can you tell us how that came about and what the experience was like?

The WWE contacted me in August about doing an extra spot for RAW and Smackdown. I was in the middle of a tour through Saskatchewan with HIW, so I left that and flew back to Vancouver to hit the road. I had no idea that a little extra spot would turn into such a major role!

The experience was absolutely unbelievable. It was very eye opening being able to pick people’s brains and start to understand a bit of what these wrestlers do 365 days a year. The experience made me even hungrier for success. Running into The Hulk wasn’t so bad either!

At the moment, who would you consider your main wrestling rival?

At this very moment, Cat Power is my main rival. She is the ECCW women’s champ. But that may change next week, you just never know with wrestling!

Annoying celebrity you would like to take into the ring and finishing move you would use on her?

I would take Paris Hilton into the ring and give her my facebuster!!


Pro wrestler Jaida biceps flex

Jaida hitting a flex

Pro wrestler Jaida flying high off the top rope in ECCW action

Jaida in action

Originally published February 2015